How to choose your dream destination wedding location

Selecting a destination wedding location can feel overwhelming for some couples. Not only are you choosing a place for your guests to spend their holiday, but you are also finding your dream ceremony and reception venue. It’s normal to spend weeks or even months assessing the pros and cons of various locations before you finally feel confident in “the one”. Here are some tips to help you find your once in a lifetime dream location!

Decide on your “must haves”

You will find that many factors come into play when you start researching destination wedding venues. With thousands of potential locations, it’s important to determine what you must have and what you can be flexible on. Examples of common must haves include child-friendly/adults only resorts, wedding ceremonies that incorporate your faith or locations which are accessible to guests who may have a physical limitation. Before you get your heart set on a specific resort, ensure that you are clear about any requirements that both you and your guests have!

Ask yourselves what type of travellers you are

There are so many different types of travel experiences and destination weddings are no exception. If you prefer to stay at luxury resorts which cater to all your needs, there is no shortage high end all-inclusive resorts who specialize in creating sophisticated luxurious weddings. If you prefer to find an alternative to resorts, perhaps renting condo-villas on one of Hawaii’s famous islands will suit you and your guests better. There is also the option to stay at an all-inclusive resort, but to have your ceremony and reception off the resort at a local restaurant, beach or church. There are alternatives to suit any type of traveller, so be sure to stay true to who you are when assessing your location.

Work with experts in the industry

There are options to work with people who have been through the destination wedding planning process many times before. They have typically travelled to various locations which you may not even know exist or taken courses to become experts in those locations. They can help you with industry insight such as local marriage requirements, venue logistics and selecting locations that fit your must haves list. Decide early on how much you are willing to spend on having a third-party to help you plan and engage them as early in the process as possible. You will probably find that some experts will even help you save money!

These are a few of the topics that we cover in your free initial consultation in order to help narrow down your dream location. Contact today for more information!