Here are some of the questions that may arise when you begin researching the ins and outs of planning group travel for your destination wedding. We hope that these questions and answers provide a good foundation for kicking off your planning process. As always, we are here to respond to any further questions that may come up! 

+ How does a wedding group travel booking work?

Wedding group bookings are tricky and should be handled by a company who specializes in them. Initially you will be provided a group travel package for various room categories at your chosen resort. Once the couple is happy with the resort, they will place a deposit to secure the room block, rates and concessions outlined in the travel package. Their guests will then have an assigned deposit due date, where they will need to put down a small deposit themselves (usually $200). The couple and their guests will then have an assigned amount of time before final payment is due, however it is typically approximately three months prior to travel.

+ What is a room block?

A room block is when a group of rooms is set aside by the resort under your group reservation. The wedding couple places a deposit to reserve the necessary amount of rooms to accommodate their wedding along with securing rates and concessions for the group booking. The deposit to make the reservation goes towards paying for the wedding couple’s own room. Just as you would not have a wedding in your hometown without making a reservation, you would not expect an overseas establishment be able to accommodate your group without making a reservation.

+ Why is it necessary to make a room block for my wedding?

Resorts do not have an infinite amount of rooms available. They book up without warning, especially at peak times. Without a room block there is absolutely no guarantee that the resort will be able to accommodate all the guests for your wedding by the time they go to book. It’s common with couples who do not book a room block to end up with some of their guests having to stay elsewhere since their wedding resort is full. This can lead to all types of issues such as resort fees for off-site guests, transportation to your wedding and the inconvenience of not having everyone staying together at the same resort.

+ What is the difference between booking travel individually online and booking wedding travel for a group?

When you book individually online, you must pay immediately in order to secure your reservation and rates. When you place a group booking, you are able to put down a small deposit and secure your reservation and rates for your entire group. This allows you time to request RSVPs from your guests and organize your guest list. Proper wedding etiquette entails giving your guests ample time to prepare and save for their holiday. You are only able to tell your guests how much they will be spending on their holiday if you have a room block reservation.

+ Will the resort give me a big discount for bringing all these people to them?

Typically the resort room rates that you will see through your group travel package will be less than if you look online. However by the time your guests place their deposit and full payment, rates online will typically have increased even more, while your group rates are being held. It’s not uncommon to see website prices quite a bit higher by the time the group booking final payment is due. Group travel also includes many promotions, such as free room nights which is given to the couple as a credit to disperse how they like or spend on their own wedding. This will often result in considerable savings.

+ Do group booking rates go up over time if I don’t reserve now?

Yes and this is due to supply and demand. With more inventory available, resorts are trying to fill up. But as they do-so there is less incentive for them to offer cheaper rooms. This is even more true with groups, since resorts can sell off all their rooms quickly online to individual guests without worrying about filling the resort. It is advised that you place a small deposit to secure a room block at your wedding resort for your group as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

+ What are the benefits of having a destination wedding?

There are many benefits to having a destination weddings including the cost-savings compared to traditional weddings, the opportunity to spend a full week with family/friends and a simpler planning process. It's possible to have your wedding organized as a complete package, which combines the wedding and honeymoon into one trip. And don't forget how amazing your wedding photographs will be!

+ Why should I use a destination wedding travel company like Coral Tide?

Booking your wedding in a different country can feel stressful, since there may often be a language barrier with your desired location. Many couples struggle communicating with all the hotels when beginning to brainstorm for their destination wedding. Working with a third party like Coral Tide can provide an objective point of view to steer you in the right direction when determining a venue that will be the right fit for your group. By booking with a destination wedding travel agency, you are able to coordinate your guests' travel as a group, and guarantee that each guest's space in your selected resort is reserved in advance. Coral Tide Destination Weddings & Travel has experience coordinating large events and the tools and resources to tackle organizing groups. Our superior relationships with the resorts and tour providers make our events run smoothly, and allow us to offer amazing concessions. We also have proven systems in place for managing your guest's RSVPs, enquiries and bookings. Coral Tide's focus is on making the process seamless and stress-free.

+ Is a destination wedding affordable?

Destination weddings can be very affordable when comparing them to a hometown wedding. However, bear in mind that with the popularity of tropical weddings, they can also wind up costing more than expected. It's important to do your research and ask about all the extras that you will have to pay for, which might not be outlined in detail on the hotel's website. Coral Tide is also able to consult on which packages could save you money for your specific group, and which promotions are available. Promotions are a fantastic way to save money or even get free flights, hotel nights, ceremonies, cocktail hours or receptions.

+ How much does a destination wedding cost our guests?

Destination weddings can accommodate most budgets. One of the key factors in making a destination wedding affordable for all the guests is to start planning the wedding well in advance. One year in advance, give or take a few months, is a good general starting point. This time allotment gives the guests ample time to start saving for the trip.

+ When should I book my destination wedding?

Typically, you want to book your destination wedding approximately a year before the actual trip - give or take a few months. It's important to allow your guests to prepare for the trip financially, and the more time you give them, the better chance they will be able to make it to your wedding. Also, you must consider that hotels do not perform an infinite number of weddings per day. Couples often delay placing their deposit to reserve their wedding day, resulting in the loss of their desired date and time. This can be extremely disheartening for couples who have their heart set on a specific resort. Resorts often require that the couple arrives several days prior to their actual ceremony date, so for people who have a specific date in mind, reserving your ceremony date and time is of utmost importance.

There are legal requirements pertinent to other countries when it comes to getting married within them. You need to be aware of these requirements and there are several resources available online and through your destination wedding travel agent on what the legal requirements are for each country. Many couples will have a religious ceremony in their home town, and do a symbolic ceremony in the foreign country. Your Coral Tide Destination Wedding Specialist will go through this in detail with you.

+ Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, everyone should have travel insurance when visiting a foreign country. Expenses for medical treatments, lost baggage, travel delays or trip cancellation can be a huge financial burden.

+ Do you come to the venue with us? Who coordinates our actual wedding?

We typically do not come to the venue with you, since the resorts employ professional wedding coordinators for your "day of". They will assist in the planning details and help you make decisions on things such as themes, flowers, music, meals etc. We have relationships with most of the resort wedding coordinators and we will introduce you to them. Typically, they will not begin to flush out your details until several months prior to your arrival, so it's important to hire a planning agency like Coral Tide who will be with you from the very beginning to coordinate your Save the Date, guest list, travel details, wedding website, reservations etc.

We hope that this helps as you begin the beautiful journey of planning your destination wedding. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us!