Tips to help couples enjoy the destination wedding planning process

Photo: Barcelo Huatulco

Photo: Barcelo Huatulco

Hire the RIGHT people

There is a point in many couples destination wedding planning process where they realize that an expert could make things a lot easier! If possible, it’s best to look for wedding planners/travel agents earlier than later. They can help you from the beginning with your big picture planning all the way down the funnel to your tiny details. It’s important that it feels RIGHT - that you feel comfortable talking to them and that you have communication styles that jive. You may also be shocked at how cost effective hiring the right people can be!

Manage guests expectations

During the destination wedding planning, families or friends may voice their opinions. While this can be extremely helpful at times, it’s essential to manage their expectations. Because destination weddings involve a financial outlay to your guests, it’s important to find your balance between making your guests happy and achieving your vision. Again, this comes down to effective communication.

Know when to sweat it and when to let it go

No wedding in the history of weddings has ever been 100% perfect. Maybe you don't like the salad dressing or it rains for an hour. When you begin to feel like things are deviating from your plan, ask yourself to assess how important it is. Take a deep breath because there is usually a fix for most hiccups. Don’t let it overshadow all the amazing things that happen on your special day.

Have trust in the process

There are hundreds of destination weddings taking place every day. Chances are some of the experiences that you have will have been felt my many. If you have the right people around you for support, you will feel safer to let go and enjoy the ride! Remember, this is your wedding day/week - allow yourself the freedom to enjoy it fully. I have never had a couple come back from their destination wedding to say that it was anything short of amazing. 

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