Guest Welcome Bags for a Beach Destination Wedding!

When designing your guest welcome bags for a destination wedding, you may find that the items are different than if you were having your wedding back home. You are abroad in a different country, so why not choose items that reflect your destination? Also, when choosing items, remember that you will likely be carrying them to your location and your guests will then need to either consume them at the location or bring them home. Depending on your location, be cautious with bringing foods on the plane, since you may violate customs rules. Choosing smaller, more relevant items can help make sure your bags are more of a hit and less of a miss!

Wedding group at Hard rock all-inclusive resorts

Wedding group at Hard rock all-inclusive resorts

1.     Custom beach bag: The first way to make a statement with your welcome bags is to choose a reusable bag that can be used at the beach. Try to choose a design option that signifies a memory of this experience, but that your guests would be comfortable with taking to the beach on future holidays. An example could be a map of the country you are holding your wedding in or a quote that reflects your location.

2.     Plastic Tumblers: Particularly if you are going to an all-inclusive resort, having your own tumblers can be a huge hit. Try to find something with a lid and straw, so that your guests can use the cups at the pool and beach.


3.     Sand print flip flops: Sure you could get normal flip flops for your guests, but you are going on a beach holiday so why not make a statement. These flip flops have a design in the bottom that makes an imprint in the sand. They are also a great option for guests to put on at the end of the wedding night when they hit the dance floor!

4.     Wedding Couple Branded Sunglasses: People can always use a spare set of sunglasses when going on holiday. And with everyone together at the pool with custom wedding branded sunglasses, there will be many photo opportunities!

5.     “Old school” Disposable camera: Most people haven’t even thought about a disposable camera lately, so they will be excited for the novelty! You will also get a ton of casual photos of the trip surfacing after the fact, which can capture memories that you can relive once the pictures are developed.

6.     Custom Do Not Disturb Door Knocker: This is a really cute option for guests to put on their doors the day after your wedding. Example content could be “We partied all night at Jack and Jen’s Wedding, please do not disturb”.

7.     Custom Luggage Tags: Another option for a custom made item is luggage tags. Your guests can use them on their suitcases for years to come.

8.     Pool drink holder: There are so many drink holder designs available. The great thing about this is that they deflate and become paper thin. This is perfect for transporting to your destination.

9.     Hangover Kit: If your group likes to party, it could be a nice gesture to add some items for the "day after". 

Items may include: Tiny Mouthwash, Tiny advil, Vitamin C, earplugs, mints, Visine

10. Safety Kit: Another way of adding some relevant items is to package them as a safety kit. Based on where you're destination is, this could include little tokens for hanging out in the sun or having "too much fun". 

Items may include: Sunscreen, chapstick, tiny aloe vera bottle, band aids, Tiny bug spray, Tiny hand sanitizer, antacid.