What you need to know about getting married at an all-inclusive resort

destination wedding travel agent


Sometimes the resort will provide a discounted wedding or other perks based on the number people who are attending and for how long. This is why hiring a travel agent who specializes in destination weddings can be extremely valuable. They do all the leg-work required to get your group booking in place and maximize your chances of getting the best deal possible!


Once you have booked your destination wedding at your favourite resort, you will typically be assigned to a resort wedding coordinator. Your travel agent can work with you before you select your resort to give you a big picture view of your wedding, including everything that the resort offers on your big day. Your resort coordinator will then go over all the day-of details, such as flowers and colour schemes. Understand that resort coordinators are extremely busy working with a multitude of couples at once. Many resorts coordinators will not finalize the details with you until a few months/weeks prior to your big day. Your travel agent, however, should be by your side throughout the entire journey leading up to the wedding. 


It’s important that your travel agent goes through all the extras with you before you book your wedding at a resort. Ensure that you know exactly what your wedding package entails and how much the extras will cost. The basic packages often do not include add-ons such as music, lighting and elaborate décor. Sometimes you will even be charged a fee if you would like to use non-resort vendors, such as photographers.

Choosing the right resort:

Many all-inclusive resorts have destination weddings down to an art form. Think about how many weddings they do in a week, a month, a year! That being said, be mindful that all resorts are different in their own unique way. Some are more dedicated to specializing in weddings than others. Decide ahead of time if you are expecting luxury or if you can roll with a more casual setting. Your travel agent should have some good tips on merging your expectations with the reality of each venue.

Visualizing your ceremony location:

While most destination wedding brides and grooms dream about getting married on or near the beach, they often don’t acknowledge that most beaches are open to the public. While resort guests are typically respectful of beach weddings and can often add to the beach vibe, it’s not uncommon to develop a bit of an audience. If you are more into a secluded venue, that’s ok! There are plenty of ceremony locations that vary in terms of levels of privacy. Decide where you fall on the spectrum and let your Destination Wedding Specialist know this in the beginning to avoid any surprises.  

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