How does the complimentary rooms promotion work?

  • The group leader will be reimbursed the dollar value of every sixth room in their group up to a maximum of three rooms total.

  • When a wedding couple books the Beyond Memorable Package, the fifth room will be complimentary up to a maximum of ten rooms. This is in lieu of the above sixth room promotion. Beyond Memorable Package must be confirmed with the hotel wedding department and travel agent a minimum of one year before the wedding date. This promo requires a minimum of 50 guests and 25 rooms booking with your room block. If you do not meet the minimum count on your room block it will revert to every sixth room max three.

  • The resort will comp the lowest value rooms in the room block. For example, when booking five double rooms and one single room in the same category, then the lowest total value room would be the single room and would be the complimentary room.

  • The total value of complimentary rooms minus taxes and fees is awarded to the group leader’s credit card approximately two to four weeks before travel if the minimum nights requirement is met. The timing of the reimbursement is based on the discretion of the resort and tour operator when they finalize the group.

  • The reimbursement will present itself on the credit card that the group leader used to purchase their room with.

How do room upgrades work?

  • One complimentary upgrade will be provided to the next category for every block of 10 rooms per night paid; not to exceed 2 total upgrades for the group.   

  • Upgrades are only awarded on days where everyone in the group is at the resort. For example if 9 rooms are staying 5 nights, but one room is only staying 3 nights, then the room upgrade will only apply for 3 nights.

  • Complimentary upgrades are subject to hotel availability. Unfortunately, there will be periods when due to high occupancy, upgrades will be limited. Upgrades may also be limited to specific room categories and exclude certain suite types.

Is there anything else I should know?

  • Any rooms booked outside of the room block by guests will not qualify towards the total room count towards the promotion.

  • The group must be fully closed off in order to request comps from the resort. This means, no changes to any rooms in the group once comps are requested.

  • Do not rely entirely on comps to pay for vendors and wedding day details as the timing of payout is based on the resort and is not guaranteed.

  • The travel agent doesn’t know at any point in time how much your comps will be. They will find out at the same time as you :)